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Easterly Open Studio Trail 2019 

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Fiona Shreeve – Sculptural Ceramics
Brutalist Architecture informs Fiona’s sculptural ceramics. She is inspired by images of buildings such as The Barbican, Park Hill in Sheffield Or Le Corbusier’s “Unite d’Habitation.” These buildings are reflected in the forms and the under glaze prints she creates on the surfaces of her work.

Hilary has a Masters in Fine Art and has been painting full-time since 2006. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, and has had a number of solo shows in London and Wales.

Hugh Davies- Printmaking
Hugh Davies trained as an architect, In recent years he has turned to print making. He explores image making using the local maritime and urban landscape as a starting point. The exploration of the printing process is key to moving from observation to abstraction.

Joan Murray – Framed Drawings and concertina books
Addressing ideas of historical memory, identity and discovery Joan’s work explores the associations we have with the material evidence of our own history, Joans mixed media approach includes graphite, colour pencil, pastel and watercolour.

Lisa Hurcum – Printmaking
Lisa uses the short fiction she writes as the inspiration for her prints. Often taking character and place as the starting point to a story, Lisa uses linocut to produce an accompanying image that encapsulates details of the text.

Marilyn Jackson – Painting and Printmaking
Marilyn’s work develops from direct personal responses to the natural and made environment, with visual imagery then developing from both personal mythology and imagination. Images arise through material experimentation, digital experimentation, collage and the written word.

Mark Burrell – paintings, portraits and magical realism
Marks distinctive draughtsmanship pays meticulous attention to detail. Equally adept is his conjuring of magical landscapes, inhabited by strange yet familiar characters. His subjects range from his home town, Lowestoft, to a sharp satire of international politics and highest flights of imagination, creating unique visual narratives in magical realism.

Miriam KingDrawings in Pen and Ink
Miriam King has now retired from “normal” life. She has previously used oils, acrylics & print but currently works in pen and ink. She has appeared on television, in newspapers and on radio & has sold in the RA and Mall Galleries, & with the Cambridge Drawing Society.

Ni Gooding – Screen Printing and Acrylic Painting
Ni’s work derives from the ‘modernist’ tradition where the emphasis is on flatness and the decorative qualities of colour, line, texture and composition. It is not so much about recording or responding to the world as making a new object in the world.

Nina Roffey – Sculptural Assemblages using found objects
Nina has been working with found wood and using L unwanted, rejected or plain junk to re-invent something, thus giving it new life. She may paint, carve or collage onto the wood. The found object is still her thing but she also paints and makes collages when she feel like a change. Her artworks are a bit quirky.

Angelique works as a printmaker and watercolourist where mark making, using specialist tools often combined with colour dashes and symbols to convey memories, emotions and sound.

Neil Whitehead – acrylic painting and watercolour
Based in Halesworth, Neil’s paintings are mainly landscapes of east Anglia and France. He is also an illustrator of classic vehicles, a graphic designer and photographer.

Darren Breeze is a Registered Professional Woodturner who lives, works and sells from his gallery and workshop, Art &Craft in Wood, on the historic High Street in North Lowestoft. He has won numerous awards, competitions and commissions, gaining a worldwide reputation for his large scale turned scuptural pieces of work.