Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn Jackson – Reflections 4

After a very successful and enjoyable career teaching Art & Design, I now have time and space to concentrate on developing my personal practice.

My inspiration as an artist comes from many places and experiences which interact and develop through manipulation and experimentation with materials. Direct visual stimulus from the natural and the made world is the starting point, although myths, legends, poetry and stories play an important part in the development of ideas and imagery.

Work tends to be process-orientated so the final outcome is not always clear at the beginning. Development occurs through those internal conversations and qualitative judgements one undertakes with one’s self while working, with outcomes formed by the synthesis of the real world with the inner world of my thoughts, feelings and imagination and the materials I have to hand. It is a reflexive process.

A love of mark-making, colour, surface and material exploration runs through my work and I often allow the techniques of mono printing, dye and resist, digital manipulation and collage to lead me into a piece of work. These techniques provide a looseness and immediacy that is then worked into for compositional development.

The work on display reflects my current interest in Neolithic mark making, especially “cup and ring” markings. The power of these marks to fascinate and communicate over time gives voice to those peoples long gone, but with whom we all have genetic links. Their voices are seen but not heard as we can only speculate on the real meaning behind these marks. I have explored combining figurative form with the rock markings and, from these, “people” have developed a narrative that places them in the landscape not as rock forms, but as powerful vocal forces which resonate across time and space.

Marilyn recently took part in a Radio Suffolk programme to promote Easterly Artists’ virtual exhibition “In Isolation”. Click on the link below to hear the interview.

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Marilyn Jackson – Beached
Marilyn Jackson – Island 3
Marilyn Jackson – Rock Surface with Markings
Marilyn Jackson – Spiral Bird
Marilyn Jackson – Standing Stones
Marilyn Jackson – Pathway
Marilyn Jackson – Goddess