Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie

Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie

Coral 5

Based in Henham, outside Beccles, and with a degree in Design Crafts from Lowestoft College, Angelique paints and prints mostly abstract images, in the hope of changing the viewer’s mood – preferably, for the better. Her images are not intended to be realistic: textures and ambience are important elements, together with the colours and symbols that convey memories and sound.

Coral 6

The unfamiliar shapes and colours may at first seem alien, just as a foreign language or music might, but curiosity, imagination and a little patience bring the reward: a change of perspective, an insight or even bewilderment! A second glance and perhaps the mind is hijacked into another short journey of colour and thought.

Coral 7

Angelique’s visual expression derives first from Nature and is then influenced by the Bauhaus movement and Cubism, “where the natural meets abstraction”. A combination of techniques and experimentation has produced an industrial style of print-making in the form of collographs, using a simple card matrix from which to print with linseed oil-based inks. Card and paper are then sandwiched together and passed through a manual printing press.

Coral 8

Her watercolour/mixed media paintings are inspired by the Raja Ampat declining coral reef beds in Indonesia. Watercolour is a versatile medium which can yield a variety of results.

Coral 9

A “wet on wet” layer is first painted and left to dry; then a “wet on dry” layer is created, using water colour paint and small areas of acrylic ink. Heavyweight 300lb cold press paper is used to reduce cockling.

Coral 10

All works are available for sale. To enquire about prices, please click here to contact the artist via the Contact Us page.