Ni Gooding

Ni Gooding

Ni Gooding's screen-print "Screenplay 1"
Screenplay 1

Ni Gooding trained as a potter, ceramic designer and printmaker, and has exhibited widely throughout East Anglia over the past 20 years. His work is born out of that part of the “modernist” tradition where the emphasis is on flatness and the decorative qualities of colour, line, texture and composition. He works in an intuitive, direct and expressive manner, using bold simplified forms and motifs.

Ni Gooding's screen-print "Screenplay 3"
Screenplay 3

He comments: “I avoid pictorial realism, perspective and other illusionistic pictorial devices. For me, it is not so much about copying, recording or responding to the world as making a new “object” in the world.

Ni Gooding's screen-print "Screenplay 4"
Screenplay 4

“Much of my work is pictorial, by which I mean it contains recognisable elements – landscape, interiors, plant and natural forms and man-made objects. However, these elements are only a means to an end: a starting point, an aid to design. They are not the subject. Thereafter, it’s about the process, the making. I don’t make images of things, I simply make “things”. The works are the subject.”

Ni Gooding's screen-print "Screenplay 6"
Screenplay 6

Since founding Cut Editions, a screen-printing studio in Halesworth, Ni’s work is almost exclusively in that print medium. Not all his work is editioned: much of it is unique and one-off. Recently, he’s moved away from making recognisable images towards “decorative” abstraction. As with most of his work, these pieces have no specific meaning: their function is to be looked at, contemplated and enjoyed.

Ni Gooding's screen-print "Screenplay 7"
Screenplay 7
Ni Gooding's screen-print "Screenplay 9"
Screenplay 9

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