Easterly Artists’ New Exhibition “Making Our Mark” Hits its Target at Ferini Gallery

The phrase “making your mark” originates in archery, where it signifies hitting the target – however, Easterly Artists members must have missed the memo, as none of them own a bow and arrow. Instead, they have been cleaning their brushes, wetting their pottery wheels and sharpening their chisels for their new exhibition Making Our Mark at the Ferini Art Gallery in Pakefield.

The group has grown in numbers recently, so a record 24 artists will be presenting their interpretations of the theme in an awe-inspiring variety of mediums, ranging from painting in oil and acrylics, screenprint, mixed media collage, digital illustration and ceramics to less well-known art forms such as Dorodango and sculptural assemblages using found objects.

Making Our Mark opens on Friday 5 November and runs till Sunday 9 January at the Ferini Gallery, 27-29 All Saints Road, Pakefield NR33 0JL. Opening times are 11am-4pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and entry is free.

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