Making Our Mark

Easterly Artists’ Winter exhibition Making Our Mark opens 5 November at The Ferini Gallery, Pakefield

For some people, “making your mark” is what happens when you’re unable to write your name – but, happily, no Easterly Artists members are in that position. For others, it originates in archery, where it means hitting the target – but, again, none of our members (to our knowledge, at least) own a bow and arrow.

The Minotaur and the Clockwork Boy – Mark Burrell

Instead, for artists, every time your brush hits the canvas or your hands touch the clay, you’re making a mark: it’s a fundamental part of creating any type of art. And, of course, every artist wants to make their mark on the world: to matter, to leave something by which they can be remembered.

The Sea – Chris Milham

Whatever your understanding, come and see how 24 of East Suffolk’s most creative and inspiring artists’ present their own interpretation at:

Making Our Mark

Ferini Gallery, 27-29 All Saints Road, Pakefield NR33 0JL
5 November 2021 – 9 January 2022

Open 11am – 4pm, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free entry.

Mother and Twins – Rosalind Bieber

Members taking part in “Making Our Mark” are listed below. Visit the Artists page to learn more about them and view examples of their work.

Amy StockIllustrator using multiple media: digital, collage, print
Angelique Fraser-MackenzieCollagraphs and watercolour
Bill HawardCollage based on line drawing
Chris MilhamModern contemporary art in oil and acrylic
Clare JohnsonPhotographer/Mixed media artist
Darren BreezeArtistic woodturner
Eileen CoxonFine art painting in oils and watercolours
Fiona ShreeveSculptural ceramics
Harvey BradleyPorcelain pieces featuring expressive brushwork
Hilary BarryFigurative fine artist and painter
Malcolm CudmoreFine art painting and drawing
Mandy WaldenMixed media painter, printmaker, book artist
Marilyn JacksonMixed media and mono printing
Mark BurrellFine art and magical realism
Mark RossDorodango
Ni GoodingFine art screenprinting
Nina RoffeySculptural assemblages with found objects
Paul ZawadzkiOil and acrylic contemporary landscapes
Peter RodulfoFine art and magical realism
Rosalind BieberModern contemporary art in Ecos paint and conte
Simon TurnerMixed media: acrylic on wood and metal
Simon WildeFine artist specialising in painting and drawing
Tricia DavidsonFine art painter and printmaker
Vivienne BurnsLandscape-inspired decoration on a sculptural form