Chris Milham

Chris Milham

Christopher studied Art at Rochester College of Art and Design, and previously exhibited mainly in Kent before moving to Suffolk’s Blyth Valley.

Rolling Countryside 15cm x 46cm Oil painting
Rolling Countryside

His paintings are modern contemporary with a little abstract, inspired by the Suffolk light. He now paints as a full-time artist from his new studio/gallery at Henstead Arts & Crafts Centre.

Boulders 21cm x 21cm Oil painting

Working in oil, acrylic and watercolour, Christopher’s paintings are on permanent display at his Henstead studio.

Carlton Marshes Summer 21cm x 21cm Oil painting
Carlton Marshes Summer

Christopher comments: “As a professional artist my artwork follows the loose impressionist styles of Fauvism and the Scottish Colourists. My composed artwork points towards the light and colour of the modern contemporary and approaches on the side of abstract, with simplified lines, marks and shapes of coastline and landscape.

Fauvism Tree No. 5 21cm x 21cm Oil Painting
Fauvism Tree No. 5

“I am inspired to capture and paint with an emotional response to the vast East Anglian skies and clouds that drift across the open land and sea. Putting on the original ground colour, I then start fading back to base in different sections of the painting, incorporating fascinating combinations of contemporary colours with a mixture of scumbled, with lost and found areas of transparent and opaque paints.

Across Blythburgh Water 100cm x 100cm Oil painting
Across Blythburgh Water

“The artist who has inspired me over my painting career is Samuel Peploe (RSA): adhering to the styles, tones and colour notes of his artworks.”

Sunrize Glow 16cm x 16cm Oil painting
Sunrize Glow

Christopher is a member of the Southwold Arts Circle, Beccles Society of Artists, Easterly Artists and East Suffolk Plein Air Artists.

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