Simon Wilde

Simon Wilde

Escape the Tide

Simon Wilde started to paint in the 1980s in a back room of the Barbara Braathan Gallery in New York. At the time, he was working for several art galleries and as an artist’s assistant: it was an inspirational time for a young person from Colchester to be immersed in the art world. He later studied at the New York Studio School and Falmouth College of Art. He lived and worked in Cornwall until moving back to East Anglia in 2018.

Warm Dawn

Simon comments: “There is an undefined magic in this world which is impossible to capture with language or science. Somehow, painting seems to be able to capture its essence. It’s this feeling that I am trying to express in my work. A spiritual world that is deep within and around us all: a world that is all too easy to dismiss in our modern existence; even though it is at the core of the mystery of what we are.

Spiritual Gangster Crew

“Giotto di Bondone said that every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour. It’s in this spirit that I hope to create an illuminated manuscript for our time: a place where the viewer can touch upon the mystery and magic within themselves.”

Spring Ballet

In Simon’s work, layers of paint are built up and scratched back, creating a visual archaeology of colour and form which acts as a gateway to apparition. Mystical figures and magical landscapes emerge from the paint, encouraging a discourse with the viewer.


Simon has exhibited in New York, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Cornwall, Devon and throughout the UK.

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Eye of the Night