Rosalind Bieber

Rosalind Bieber

In her early life Rosalind was a concert pianist and harpsichordist, giving regular recitals at the South Bank in London. This career was cut short by personal injury. She then became interested in painting and studied at the City & Guilds of London Art School in Kennington, London for four years.

Image of Rosalind Bieber's work: "Penguin"

She comments: “People have always been a source of fascination to me. At five or six, being alone too much at home, I would run out to the bus stop and chat to total strangers.

From holidays in Scarborough and being brought up in Southport, I saw the timeless small dramas and poetry of everyday life. These are themes to which I constantly come back.”

Image of Rosalind Bieber's work: "Couple in Chairs"
Couple in Chairs

Following a diagnosis 15 years ago of total allergy syndrome, she was forced to become inventive with art materials and found delight and fun in constant experimentation.

Her new materials include sand, chalk, rice glue, dental concrete, carborundum, mono-print and collage. These have led her onto a wide range of subject matter… everything from Adam and Eve to the Downfall of the Bankers.

Image of Rosalind Bieber's work: "Sportman"

She currently uses mono-print and collage, particularly in her images of the animal kingdom. She has come to love animals through drawing them – the movement, tensions and shapes they make. Being wild, their actions are totally pure and uninhibited.

Image of Rosalind Bieber's work: "Leopard"
Image of Rosalind Bieber's work: "Duck"

Recently, experimenting with the computer as a means of expression has led her into a new and colourful language particularly suited to jazz themes.

Black Jazz

Rosalind exhibits regularly at the Aldeburgh Gallery in Aldeburgh. She recently took part in a Radio Suffolk programme to promote Easterly Artists’ virtual exhibition “In Isolation”. Click on the link below to hear the interview.

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