Rinat Baibekov

Rinat Baibekov


Rinat’s dialogue with the world is a visual one.

Born in Kazan (Tatarstan) in 1962, he comes from a family of painters. He began sketching and painting at a very young age, attending full-time art courses alongside his primary schooling.

After completing high school, he was accepted to the Kazan Art Institute. This in turn was followed by the Kharkov Academy of Fine Art where he majored in Public Art. After living and working as an artist until 1990 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), he moved to Toronto, Canada. In 1998 he once again crossed the ocean, this time to the UK where he eventually settled. He works in a variety of media, including watercolour, drawing materials, oils, acrylics and fresco.

He comments: “The universe is already created for us with all its beauty and wonders. As a visual artist I want to reveal and interpret the inter-relationships between all that is already there yet through my eyes. Humans and animals, plants and music, fairytales which hiding the history and wisdom of ancient world, philosophy, myth and forgotten songs are all inter-relationships I illustrate in my work.

On a stem of morning grass
In a droplet of water
A universe

On top of a rock a snail is awoken
It opens the delicate eyes
All the while concealing the meaning of universe life in its shell.”

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