Nina Roffey – Unit 22

Nina holds a BA(Hons) in fine art and related subjects. She has exhibited paintings and collages for many years but more recently has worked on found wood using collage, paint or carving to make pieces based on architecture, myths and legends, history, basically whatever comes into her mind as a response to the wood. She also makes replicas, for example, altar furniture, historical treasures, even human heads of people of the past like the King of Sutton Hoo. She uses discarded items to decorate, a process of recycling into something new.

Nina is exhibiting the following works:

Red Code, collage, £65

Divided We Fall,  oil, £90

Red & Green Pears, oil, £80

Confrontation, oil, £80

Byzantium, collage, £30

Japanese Moon, collage, £40

Boxed Collection, £40