Nickie Holford

Nickie Holford

Lighting the Way Home

Nickie Holford grew up in London, moving first to Suffolk in the late 90s before settling around seven years ago in East Norfolk, where she’s currently based.


She showed a creative streak from a young age, but only rediscovered her artistic side in the last two years when taking online classes, followed by a UAL-accredited diploma at Art Academy East in 2021. Since finishing her diploma, she has exhibited at the Yare Gallery on several occasions and is also a member of the Great Yarmouth Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.


Nickie is inspired by the local seaside and coastal areas further afield and is on a journey to discover and describe the beauty in the everyday environment, including the region’s big skies. She seeks to encapsulate the emotion evoked by the coast: ranging from joy, conjuring up childhood memories and excitement, to relaxation and the meditative effect of the ocean through the seasons.

Connection (Diptych)

Artists who demonstrate a bold use of colour or the sublime portrayal of light within a painting continue to influence Nickie in her work, while her background in technical theatre also has a part to play in the subjects and imagery which interest her.

Winter Dawn

Developing her portraiture skills is a project in progress: attempting to explore and capture the range of human feelings from love and joy to loss, and endeavouring to create a connection between herself and the viewer.

One Way?

Although Nickie works mainly in acrylic or oil paint, she enjoys working and experimenting with a variety of media to create her work, including watercolour, spray paint and pencil/graphite.

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