Mark Ross

Mark Ross

Unrefined No. 2

Mark grew up in Ayr on the West coast of Scotland and has always loved being outdoors. His background is horticulture and he studied Plantsmanship at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens before going on to work at The University of Liverpool’s Ness Botanic Gardens on the Wirral.

It was through this he found his love of the earth, and discovered the abundance of nature’s creativity. He is still occupied with horticulture as a manager, where he continues to work with the natural rhythms of the seasons while striving for innovation and creativity within elements such as planting and ecology.

After taking up pottery in early 2020, Mark began to learn more about clay: its qualities and techniques for working with it. It was at this point he also discovered the idea of sourcing naturally occurring clay within the earth to form into refined layered spheres (Dorodango).

“I have been fascinated with the outcomes which working with a simple piece of dirt can create. I thoroughly enjoy absorbing myself in the process of creating these spheres: it’s like a mixture of science and art – alchemy, really. Creating Dorodango is process-driven: it’ss meditative, contemplative and reflective, and it allows you to be absent and present at the same time. Suddenly, as surface changes become apparent, it snaps you back into focus only to be lost again in the rhythm of the process.”

Using locally-sourced material, Mark has created a series of vastly different Dorodango over the last year and is continually working, exploring and experimenting, while refining his process. Each piece is different and unique, and tells a story of both the process and the earth from that particular location.

“The Dorodango themselves have no function and each one, successful or otherwise, exists only as a physical record of the artistic process of refinement.”

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