Liz Goulding

Liz Goulding

Blushed With Beginning

Passion, Inspiration, Tranquility – I have been searching for and found all three in Southern Italy, the Greek Island of Skiathos and on the Suffolk coast where I now call home. Inspired by light and colour and texture, trees and rocks, the sea, the sky and weathered surfaces.


The Mediterranean landscape ignites a passion for colour: turquoise and blues, silvery greens, ochres and deep purples. The changing tranquility of the sea and endless skies at the Suffolk coast: the cooler blues and greys, the burnt oranges of rusty boat hulls and the colours of the pebbles on the shore.

Winter Wood

“I make joyous contemporary large oil paintings celebrating the beauty of the world around me.”

Bud In The Sea

I imbue the work with my life’s journey as well as the places in which I live. The paintings are more about the experience than a photographic representation.

Pebbley Pots

“Painting is the absorption of all my joy and sorrow and the landscape of it.”

Infinity Blue

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