Joanna Bradley

Joanna Bradley

Floating Leaves

Joanna moved permanently 3 years ago to East Suffolk from London (having fallen in love with the beach, broads and marshes when visiting her parents).

She really appreciates the quality of light that living by the sea brings – the ever-changing experience you get from coastal views. Much of her art is based on the natural world around her and its impact on her senses. Living by the sea (with woods and natural settings close by) is already impacting Joanna’s art style and drawing her back into using colour and shape.

Dragonfly Leaves

Having studied art history and painting for many years at degree level, her oil painting largely gave way to a career in psychiatry; working with others to discover and explore their creativity. More recently Joanna has been developing ideas via casual sketches to distinctive pen and ink drawings.

Framed Leaves

She has worked for many years supporting others to explore their creativity (as part of their process to manage mental health) and Joanna truly believes that being able to explore and express oneself through art and creativity can be transformative.

The Nile
Nile Dreams

Joanna finds that the more challenging her life, the more complex the designs she creates can become ~ representative of states of mind, chaos, and disquiet. Who knows where further development will lead her.

Egyptian Riverside

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