Hilary Barry – Unit 22

Hilary has a Masters in Fine Art and has been painting full-time since 2006. Painting has been her passion from the age of five. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, and has had a number of solo shows in London and Wales.

Her most recent paintings are the result of observing the changes in the seasons, weather, light and erosion on the local beaches and landscape of the Suffolk shore. She paints primarily with oil on canvas. Using a limited palette, she builds up areas of colour and tone in many layers: each new layer develops texture and helps create the depth and intensity that the alchemy of painting can produce.

She comments: “Working within the tradition of oil painting and continually seeking new solutions, my intention is to evoke an experience of empathy and recognition.

“Challenging established ideas of painting, I Investigate the human body and the landscape: images retained from past memories are often overlaid with more present recollections and observations.

Hilary is always happy to welcome visitors to her studio by appointment.

Hilary will be exhibiting the following at the pop up gallery:

A Long Wait – Oil on canvas (92 x 92 cm)

A Short Stay – Oil on canvas (76 x 76 cm)

Lost – Oil on canvas (56 x 67 cm)

Sweet and Bitter Breath – Oil on canvas (76 x 76 cm)

E: hilary@hilarybarryartist.com