Harvey Bradley

Harvey Bradley

Harvey studied silversmithing at Canterbury College of Art and finished at Hornsey ATC (London) in 1966, starting a long career of teaching and pottery. An early interest in Kandinsky shaped his teaching ideas, while the oriental/classical styles of the Leach dynasty influenced his pottery.

Image of Harvey Bradley's porcelain bowl "Flght Song"
Flight Song

Recently, searching for new expression, these two strands have come together in simple bowl forms and expressive brushwork; reminiscent of musical chords and variations – not quite synaesthesia but perhaps a close relative to it.  This personal language is evolving as new brushes and jazz rhythms suggest their unique possibilities…

Image of Harvey Bradley's porcelain plate "Flight Plan"
Flight Plan

He explains: “My porcelain pots are ‘thrown’ and ‘turned’ on a Leach-style kick wheel in my garden studio. Expressive brush marks are added with an odd array of standard and Chinese brushes.”

Image of Harvey Bradley's porcelain plate "Music of the Spheres 1"
Music of the Spheres 1

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