Geoff Litchfield

Geoff Litchfield

Originally from Leicester, Geoff Litchfield has been an artist and teacher for over forty years. Now retired from delivering art education full-time, he is able to concentrate more fully on his own personal artistic development.

"Final Farewell" (collage and mixed media) by Geoff Litchfield.
Final Farewell

Much of Geoff’s artwork explores the relationships formed by accidental and deliberate juxtapositions of images and the subsequent creation of a new narrative arising from the tensions between these forms. He is particularly captivated by the role of chance in creativity, and devises strategies to enhance the effectiveness of the intervention of the random within the process of making.

"Chained Malady" (collage and mixed media) by Geoff Litchfield.
Chained Malady

The relationship between text and image is a recurring theme in Geoff’s work, stretching back to conceptual work in the late 70s and early 80s, where Wittgensteinian approaches to language were explored in works addressing the tensions between object, function and its nomenclature.

"Liberties" (collage and mixed media) by Geoff Litchfield.

Within this work a Duchampian and Lear-like love of word play and absurdity can frequently be seen. It is clear that humour remains an important device, and is evidenced in recent collage works exploring formal and conceptual relationships between shapes and their semiology.

"Right To Bear" (collage and mixed media) by Geoff Litchfield.
Right To Bear

For the last five years, Geoff’s work has largely been in the field of collage, allowing him to explore ideas quickly while still allowing themes – often political or autobiographical in content – to develop over time. A fascination with the book as an art-form, along with linear and non-linear narratives, is frequently in evidence.

"Standing by the Wall" (collage and mixed media) by Geoff Litchfield.
Standing by the Wall

He works in both analogue and digital formats, frequently combining the two forms into a mixed media outcome. He often works on several pieces at any one time, not wishing them to be particularly tied to any certain style and preferring them to develop organically at their own rate. Consequently, some pieces can be completed in under two hours while others have been spread over a two-year period.

"Surrealist Dreams" (collage and mixed media) by Geoff Litchfield.
Surrealist Dreams

In addition to exhibiting and posting work on Instagram as himself, he also posts on Facebook as the fictitious artist, “George Kaplan”, (a hang-over from a collaboration founded during student days).

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