First Light Festival 2023

Easterly Artists Return to Lowestoft’s Ever-Popular Seaside Festival

Easterly Artists are taking part with a new exhibition of original artwork and prints in this year's First Light Festival in Lowestoft.

First Light Festival 2023

Saturday 17 June, Midday – 9.30pm
Sunday 18 June, 10am – 4pm

Kensington Gardens, Lowestoft NR33 0DG

Easterly Artists return again this year to the hugely successful and popular 24-hour First Light Festival 2023.

Easterly Artists are back with a dazzling display of creativity from some of East Suffolk’s finest visual artists. Loosely focused on the theme of New Beginnings and with new work in a wide range of mediums – from painting to pastels, collage to chromatography, drawing to dorodango – there’s something to suit every artistic taste and palette.

Bill Haward's piece "Erpingham Gateway": created using Bill's unique blend of analogue collage and line drawing.
Bill Haward – Erpingham Gateway

Look for the EA banners beside the boating pond in Kensington Gardens. This year the group will be adding to the programme with a series of interactive sessions and demonstrations, including pottery, prints, and landscape painting – so make a note now to visit the marquee and check out times to reserve your slot! Everyone’s invited to join in, and entry is free!

Ros Bieber's mixed media piece "Tug Boats", showing two boats on a turbulant sea and created using organic paint, sand and collage.
Ros Bieber – Tug Boats

Getting there

  • By car: Limited parking available in the road by the entrance to Kensington Gardens. but plenty of public car parking heading back into town on London Road South.
  • On foot: 20 minutes’ walk from Lowestoft Station. Bus service available.
Rebecca Bergese's highly colourful abstract piece "The Hand of Fate": mixed media on paper.
Rebecca Bergese – The Hand of Fate

For full details of the festival line-up, visit the First Light Festival website.