Fiona Shreeve – Unit 22

Brutalist Architecture and Mass Housing provide the imagery from which Fiona creates geometric and architectural sculptural forms, which have a story to tell through the form and the surface print.

From Le Corbusier’s, “Unite d’Habitation”, in Marseilles, which heralded a change to modernism, idealistic architects followed him to design modern “streets in the sky” like Park Hill, Sheffield, a monolithic structure on top of a hill, which replaced slums in an innovative way at the time.

After a period of dilapidation following the decline of the steel industry, hope is being recovered in the regeneration of Park Hill with bright colours replacing the old drab tones. The Barbican complex also provides inspiration in her work.

She has developed a unique way of under-glaze transfer printing onto her hand built ceramics following the original 18th century method created by Josiah Spode but with a modern twist.

After training in Manchester for the clothing industry, Fiona worked as a textile buyer and then a designer/pattern cutter in industry. Later she trained young people in textiles and for the shoe industry. After bringing up her family she returned to study and graduated with a first class degree in Design, specialising in Ceramics and Print.

She works from her studio near Lowestoft, where she creates her hand-built and slip cast ceramics with print.

Fiona will be exhibiting a selection of ceramics including the following:

Brutalist Buildings, Orange oval Ceramic  £145 (to order)

Brutalist Buildings, oval, green, Ceramic £145 (to order)

Brutalist Abstract,D,orange, Ceramic £75 (to order)

Brutalist buildings, D, yellow, Ceramic £75 (to order)

Brutalist façade, unglazed, D, blue Ceramic £75 (to order)

Brutalist buildings, small D Ceramic £65 (to Order)

Brutalist Abtract, Coral tube, Ceramic £65

Brutalist, plate, Ceramic £65

Brutalist buildings, small vessel, Ceramic £45

Brutalist façade, bowl, coral, Ceramic £55

Work usually available: Some usually available in stock.
Made to order, will take about 8 weeks