Easterly Artists at The Grit

Courting Dis-Art-Ster: Easterly Artists’ new exhibition opens 5 April in Lowestoft’s Old Court Buildings

Easterly Artists at The Grit

Old Court Buildings, Old Nelson St, Lowestoft NR32 1EQ

Opening times: 10am – 4pm, Wednesday – Saturday
Dates: 5 – 22 April 2023 . Free entry.

Easterly Artists’ new exhibition Easterly Artists at The Grit opens on 5 April in the newly-converted Old Court Buildings in Old Nelson Street, Lowestoft.

Poster for Easterly Artists' April 2023 exhibition, "Easterly Artists at The Grit".
Easterly Artists at The Grit

Originally the home of Lowestoft County and Magistrate’s Court, the buildings passed into private hands last year and have now reopened as The Grit Centre: a focal hub for the town’s arts and other cultural activities.

Eileen Coxon – Mallow-edged Field

The new exhibition takes place in what was once the Adult Court, now refurbished to fulfil its new role as an art gallery and with all the fittings removed – except for the old prisoner’s dock, which remains in place to carry out its new function as a viewing area for 3D work.

Hilary Barry – Looking for Signs

Easterly Artists at The Grit runs 5 – 22 April 2023. The Grit Centre is The Old Court Buildings, Old Nelson St, Lowestoft NR32 1EQ and is open 10am – 4pm every Wednesday – Saturday. There is wheelchair access to all areas and entry is free.

Getting there

  • By car: Parking available opposite the Centre entrance or in the public car park behind it on Whapload Road.
  • On foot: 10 minutes’ walk from Lowestoft Station.
Harvey Bradley – Nature’s Footsteps

Members taking part in Easterly Artists at The Grit are listed below. Click on an artist’s name or visit the Artists page to learn more about them and view examples of their work.

Ally Marriner Contemporary mixed media sculpture
Amy Stock Illustrator using multiple media: digital, collage and print
Bill HawardCollage based on line drawing
Chris MilhamModern contemporary art in oil and acrylic
Clare JohnsonPhotographer/Mixed media artist
Darren Breeze Artistic woodturner
Eileen CoxonFine art painting in oils and watercolours
Fiona ShreeveSculptural ceramics
Geoff Litchfield Collage and mixed media
Harvey BradleyPorcelain pieces featuring expressive brushwork
Hilary BarryFigurative fine artist and painter
Joan Murray Drawing, photography and book works
Marilyn JacksonMixed media and mono printing
Mark RossDorodango
Ni GoodingFine art screenprinting
Nickie HolfordFigurative painter working in mixed media
Nina RoffeySculptural assemblages with found objects
Paul ZawadzkiOil and acrylic contemporary landscapes
Peter RodulfoMagical realism
Rebecca Bergese Water colour and mixed media
Ros Bieber Modern contemporary art in Ecos paint and conte
Simon WildeMixed media: acrylic on wood and metal
Suzanne MinshawLandscape artist working in acrylic and mixed media
Tricia DavidsonFine art painter and printmaker