David Sullivan

David Sullivan

Comms Operators – Telephone Girls

Truth is discovered in painting 

‘The works with which I engage in the studio are framed by the political traditions of Realism, and the problem is always the same: to discover the complex set of conditions, the emergent phenomena which make for successful painting, so that the individual work contains its own bounded poetry, its own world and its own infinity. 

New Stone Age

Reflections upon being – recent political and social histories, contemporary culture, the machinery or experience of warfare and science or technologies all enable different strategies, from the ambiguous to the oblique.  

All the Riches of Britain

The register shifts and the themes can drift, from past conflicts or moments of historical optimism, to contemporary social, psychological, and moral anxieties.’ 

Atmospheric Windows

David studied at the Kent Institute of Art & Design (Canterbury) and the Royal College of Art. He has exhibited widely across the UK and overseas, and his work appears in a number of collections and publications.  

Surgeons Face Cruel Facts

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