Carol Mathers

Carol Mathers

Good Morning Marshes

Carol Mathers is a local Suffolk artist. She has been creative for most of her life but discovered a love of painting with acrylics about 10 years ago. She is drawn to abstract painting, finding that it is more about how a painting makes her feel than what she saw.

Blue Vessels

She mainly paints intuitively and loves the excitement of not knowing how a painting will develop, allowing the process to flow and to find its own way.

Fragile Times

Carol likens her paintings to conversations which can take many directions and has noticed that when the painting begins to feel quieter, it is then that she knows it’s time to place it around her home and observe it over a few days – or even weeks – before making any final changes or adjustments.


She finds working intuitively is not always an easy process but being patient, being brave and keeping going always helps.

Sometimes, she finds that others may find recognisable images in her work, but this is never her intention. She hopes the viewer can sense how the conversation has developed through the many layers that are created through the loud and quiet conversation of the marks and paint.

Express Yourself

Carol likes to use an array of tools which include palette knives to make marks as well as using other mediums such as crayons, pencils and pastels to add differences to the work. She tries to fit in as much time as possible to paint but when she is not painting she is with family or working as a nurse.

It’s a busy but full life.


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