Bill Haward

Bill Haward

Mincarlo LT412

Bill comes from an Ipswich family of mainly architects, designers and artists, which has encouraged a strong interest in the visual arts from an early age.   After high school, he studied architecture at the University of North London and the Architectural Association.

Blyth LT442

As an architect he worked for both a public authority and in private practice where he designed and supervised houses, flats, schools, nurseries and community buildings.

Leiston Abbey

While drawing was important for his professional life, it has always had a wider value in exploring the character of interesting buildings and landscapes.  More recently he has developed a colour collage technique to complement the line drawing. The effect of light and shade is often used to give a sense of depth with a strong perspective, in contrast to the more two-dimensional abstract quality of other images.

Freston Tower

Significant buildings are a common feature of his work, though they might be less well known and are usually shown in their setting.  By contrast landscapes provide different more fluid subject matter where coastal or riverside views feature. Often these two aspects are combined.  He now lives near Southwold where the closeness to the sea and unspoilt Suffolk countryside give a fresh viewpoint.  From this base East Anglian subjects continue to be savoured. Travel abroad, mainly around Europe, has also provided contrasting inspiration over the years, often in significant historic locations.


He has previously exhibited at the Theatre Royal Norwich, Corn Exchange Ipswich and Old Dairy Studios Beccles, where he has a workspace.  Currently he exhibits twice a year at the Aldeburgh Gallery and also takes part in an Open House show with the Southwold Arts Festival and Suffolk Open Studios in June.

Bill recently took part in a Radio Suffolk programme to promote Easterly Artists’ virtual exhibition “In Isolation”. Click on the link below to hear the interview.

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