Amy Stock

Amy Stock


Amy studied Graphic Design (Illustration) at Norwich School of Art & Design, graduating in 2007, and shortly thereafter left for China where she spent three years living, working and travelling. Since 2012 she has been a tutor in the Creative Department at East Coast College, working with Level 3 students within drawing, illustration and fine art.

Amy’s work is nearly always informed by line, shape, colour and composition. Whether this be a soft landscape, architectural structure or simply an abstract piece, it is these simple yet powerful visual elements to which she is constantly drawn. There are often two main themes which occur in Amy’s work: the natural world in the form of patterns, textures, marks, lines and shapes; or the structural elements of more industrial landscapes. She approaches her work intuitively and often with abstraction.

“I enjoy the beauty in industrial landscapes such as Ness Point with its concrete environment, Bird’s Eye factory and coastal defences. However, I am also fascinated by the much smaller, subtle marks created by nature – chatter marks and predetermined colour palettes on flint stones or the layering of sand within our local cliffs. All this finds its way into my practice and determines the way in which I work on any particular piece”.

Amy’s work spans many mediums from collage, painting and lino or screen printing to, most recently, a more digital approach. Her inspiration comes from her immediate surroundings, wherever she happens to be.

“Everything and anything can inspire me, and it’s exciting never to truly know where your next ideas will come from!”

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