Tricia Davidson

Tricia Davidson

California, by Easterly Artists member Tricia Davidson

Tricia Davidson originally trained at Glasgow School of Art. After her first two years in a department led by the eccentric and wonderful Ted Odling, she specialised in Printed Textile. This department was led by painter and textile designer Robert Stewart, whose teaching approach was generally painterly and also experimental.

Dry Garden, by Easterly Artists member Tricia Davidson
Dry Garden

After Glasgow and a post-grad in Manchester, she worked as a freelance textile designer before teaching Fine Art for a number of years, during which she developed her work as a painter. Now living in Suffolk, she works as a contemporary artist using paint, print and mixed media. She exhibits regularly at Aldeburgh Gallery, and previously at Snape Maltings and other locations in East Anglia.

Golden Fields, by Easterly Artists member Tricia Davidson
Golden Fields

Drawing and note making are the principal starting points for her work. Time of year and time of day, the environment and the memory of being in a place are the subject. However abstract the paintings may become, they almost always have a naturalistic starting point.

Fields 2, by Easterly Artists member Tricia Davidson
Fields 2

Tricia developed an interest in Japanese art at the age of 13 when asked to design the programme for her high school opera “The Mikado”. The apparent simplicity of Japanese art is a strong influence. Fluid paint use and mark making, together with simple compositions and a relatively minimal palette, are her preferred style.

Spring Green, by Easterly Artists member Tricia Davidson
Spring Green

She admires the painter Ivon Hitchens, whose approach also rings true for her. Ivon writes: “I try to use a notation of tones and colours so that the design flows from side to side, up and down, in and out. I’m not interested in representing the facts as such until this visual music has been created. But this creation must satisfy me as being true to life, though not naturalistically accurate.”


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