Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn Jackson

After retiring from teaching Art and Design for 35 years and sidelining her own art practice, Marilyn now has the time and the energy to develop her  personal work.

Her inspiration comes from many places, which interact and develop through manipulating and experimenting with materials.

Direct visual stimulus from the natural and made world is often her starting point, although myths, legends and stories also play an important part in the development of ideas and imagery.

Imaginative responses develop during the process of the work so the final outcome is very often unclear at the time of starting. Materials play an important part in the development of her work with monoprinting, especially, being a tool for extending ideas.

Compositions emerge from over-laying washes of colour and basic shape and can be developed through scraffito, oil pastel, chalk, dye washes and collage, which bring structure to the composition.