Suzanne Minshaw

Suzanne Minshaw

The Autumn Walk

Suzanne Minshaw lives in Oulton, coming originally from Kent and having worked in advertising and graphic design studios in London.

The Gull

Aged 30, she made a life-changing decision to enrol at The Kent Institute of Art and Design, where she graduated with an NDD and an HND in Spatial Design. From there, she went to work in Interior Design agencies before settling down to have her son.

Deer Tracks

She eventually moved to Suffolk after being diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which severely affected her life.

After the Rain

Suzanne has always tried to maintain a positive outlook on life. She decided her illness would not hold back her creative spirit and began to paint and illustrate her love of nature. Her art is her therapy and a great joy to her, giving her a tremendous sense of achievement. Her hope is that it also brings joy to other people.

Storm on the Horizon

Suzanne has been privileged to be able to exhibit her work at Ferini Gallery in Pakefield with a great deal of success and is looking forward to expanding her horizons.

The Stone Steps

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