Easterly on Radio Suffolk

Please make a date (and tell your friends) to listen out for the Radio Suffolk interviews featuring  six Easterly Artists members for the duration of the “In Isolation” exhibition. at 7.45pm every Tuesday and Wednesday evening

Tue 12-May Hugh Davies
Wed 13-May Marilyn Jackson
Tue 19-May Bill Haward
Wed 20-May Hilary Barry
Tue 26-May Malcolm Cudmore
Wed 27-May Rosalind Bieber

Coming Soon “In Isolation” an online exhibition.

 “In Isolation”

An online art exhibition opening 6.30 pm on Friday 8th May and closing at 6.30pm on Sunday 31st May

 “In Isolation”. The exhibition features some of the most creative artistic talents in Lowestoft and the surrounding area. Over a dozen artists are presenting their work, all based on their own interpretation of what it means to live through, deal with and continue to create in a period of prolonged physical and social isolation.

A key feature of the exhibition is that all the artists are donating their work for nothing. As a result, all the pieces will be available for the public to download completely free of charge. For simplicity, they will all be in A4 format, making it easy for visitors to download and print them on a home computer and printer.

Click here to visit the gallery

Covid 19

Due to the Covid 19 Coronovirus Pandemic monthly meetings of Easterly have been replaced with online video conferencing.

Planned exhibitions including participation in First Light Festival and WBA Potton Hall have been cancelled. Online activities are being considered.

People Power: Heritage Open Days Exhibition

People Power

For 4 weeks only, Lowestoft’s old Poundstretcher building transforms into an exciting pop-up contemporary art gallery, with a fantastic exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints, collagraphs, ceramics, wall hangings in wood, sculpture and other creative works presented by local artists group, Easterly Artists.

Anjelique Fraser-Mackenzie, Bill Haward, Darren Breeze, Harvet Bradley, Patricia Davidson, Hilary Barry, Hugh Davies, Joam Murray, Lorry Cudmore, Malcolm Cudmore, Marilyn Jackson, Neil Whitehead, Mark Burrell, Ni Gooding, Claire-Louise Dowson.

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